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Discover the power of our intuitive guidance and healing services, designed to address your individual needs! Our professional team specializes in creating personalized plans that are uniquely crafted for you and your life path.

You will experience an energy healing like never before!

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Alternative Healing Services


Chakra Light Balancing & Energy Healing


The highly refined quartz crystals energetically clear and enhance the energy of the body. When each crystal is enhanced with light that corresponds to the color associated with the Chakra, the crystals become even more targeted at delivering their energetic property. So at the end of the treatment, your Chakras harmonize, allowing the natural healing mechanisms to function. This is a great way to begin the journey to your healing process. Your first consultation will enable us to locate the areas of the body, and Chakras that need balancing. This consultation includes intuitive sight energy, and the healing crystal table.


Reiki Crystal Balancing

We utilize the healing techniques practiced by the Japanese for centuries, called Reiki. Our healing service will connect you to your life force, divine knowledge known as your “Ki, Chi, or Qi”. Our Reiki sessions will balance your physical, emotional, and mental states; removing negative energy causing stress, pain, anxiety, and personal shortcomings. Our practitioners meditate and cleanse daily, ensuring that their energy is pure light & love. This is vital to the success of our reiki & chakra purification sessions because we are transferring universal life force to you. We begin and end our sessions, always with intent. Our service is to heal you with love and light. Each session will rejuvenate you, give you warmth, peace, and leave you glowing.


Sound Bowl Energy

Sound bowls give off a natural vibration rhythm. For years we have studied crystal energy and mastered sound to enhance and balance energy to create vibrations that will effect a positive change throughout your being. We are here to help you align with your inner self. Finding who you are will lead you to the best version of who you are meant to be and what you are meant to achieve. We can help you on your journey and path to all life matters. This journey can only begin with you taking the first step to self love and healing. We attract what we are, what we desire; therefore let us help you. Let us bring pure light and love into your life.


Intuitive Insight & Spiritual Guidance

Our Spiritual Guidance service comes from experience. We learned from those before us and from those before them. Wisdom is meant to be passed on. Our guidance will create in you a new spirit; capable of navigating the waters of your life. We have but moments in time to make choices and in these moments we are created. God has us placed here and now; you're not alone and answers exist. There is no physical or spiritual experience that will displace us; we are here to share love and insight with you. Please call us, we are here to listen and provide guidance for this beautiful journey you are on.


Frequency Balancing


Awaken, Ground, Release, Remove, Cleanse, Clear and Heal. Our frequency balancing service returns your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies to their natural state of balance and inspiration using energy knowledge. With the use of intuition, reiki, crystals, ancient healing techniques, and love, our practitioners produce amazing results.


Life Coaching

Our Life Coaching & Guidance work will change your life. As experienced and gifted energy healers, we work on a different level then most life coaches; we get in touch with your spirit & the you of your past, present and future. We are going to reconnect you and build you up. Our service to you will remove the blocks in your life; caused by your fears, damaging emotional experiences, addictive behaviors, and troublesome patterns. You will learn to let your intuition guide you, we will help you embrace new patterns of thought and choice. Begin with us and learn how to see clearer and live happier.

Crystals, Jewelry, and Services

          Our work will help your body find its natural vibration rhythm. For years, our intuitive healers have studied crystals and mastered energy awareness to create a vibration that will create a positive change throughout your body. Chakra Universe is not only a jewelry store that has stunningly beautiful and elegant pieces that will enhance and balance your life, but a place where one can find their true path and begin their healing journey with the help of our gifted intuitive readers and energy healers.

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