Reiki Crystal Balancing


We utilize the healing techniques practiced by the Japanese for centuries, called Reiki. Our healing will connect you to your life force, divine knowledge known as your “Ki, Chi, or Qi”. Our Reiki sessions will balance your physical, emotional, and mental states; removing negative energy causing stress, pain, anxiety, and personal shortcomings. Our practitioners meditate and cleanse daily, ensuring that their energy is pure light & love. This is vital to the success of our reiki and chakra purification sessions because we are transferring universal life force to you. Humbly, we share our success – we’ve been called into hospitals and performed healings that doctors said could not be done. It’s our calling to do what we do, and we desire to help you in any way possible. We begin and end our sessions, always with intent. Our service is to heal you with love and light. Each session will rejuvenate you, give you warmth, peace, and leave you glowing.